is the tale of Walter, a

rookie secret agent faced with a problem seldom covered in basic training: what to do when a curious pigeon gets trapped inside your multi-million dollar, government-issued nuclear briefcase.

The film took nearly 5 years to complete and is the first attempt at animation by writer/director Lucas Martell: "When the project started, it was mostly an excuse to learn 3D animation, but by the end of the project I had spent so much time reworking and polishing the story that I just wanted people to laugh."

The end-result is a hilarious 6-minute romp through the streets of Washington D.C. as our hero fights to save himself, and the world from the chaos reigned down by a hungry pigeon. Breathtaking visuals and a sweeping soundtrack showcase the work of nearly one-hundred talented artists and musicians, and the film stands as a testament to what can be accomplished by a team of dedicated volunteers working for the love of their craft.

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Special Edition DVD Now Available

Special Features include:

All 23 Episodes of the Pigeon: Impossible Podcast

An 18-minute Featurette on the Story Process

3 Commentary Tracks (Director, Animation & Technical)

All-new 5.1 mix

Nearly 3 Hours of Bonus Content

Pigeon: Impossible wins Jury Award at Animatron

Pigeon: Impossible has just taken the jury award in the humor category at Animatron, the Babelgum Animation Film Festival. The film was also screened as part of a special screening at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

Pigeon: Impossible joins Spike and Mike

We're proud to announce that Pigeon: Impossible has become part of an animation legacy: Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.

Pigeon: Impossible is a viral hit!

After just a few months online, Pigeon: Impossible has reached over 5 million views and topped several lists as the most viral movie of the week! Thanks for spreading the word and please keep it up!

Pigeon: Impossible wins Mopti award at KLIK!

In addition to supporting the Mopti Foundation which digs wells in Mali, every year the KLIK! Animation Festival sends a special short film program curated especially for the audience in Mopti. This year, the audience and local dignitaries selected Pigeon: Impossible as the winner of the Mopti Award. Check out a video of the screening here.

Pigeon: Impossible takes top honors in Montreal

Pigeon: Impossible was awarded the first prize for Best Short at the Montreal World Film Festival (Festival des Films du Monde.)

Pigeon: Impossible interview on FXGuideTV

While at the 2009 SIGGRAPH conference in New Orleans, director Lucas Martell was interviewed for episode #63 of FXGuideTV.

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Awards & Honors

Jury Award Winner - Humor Category - Babelgum Animation Film Festival (Animatron)

First Prize - Best Short - Montreal World Film Festival

Best of the Fest Finalist - Red Stick Animation Festival

Best Animation - Savannah Film Festival

Best Animated Film Award - Sardinia Film Festival

Best Animated Short Film (Professional) - FICCI BAF

First Prize - Best Animation - Rhode Island International Film Festival

Palm Springs Shorts Fest - Best of the Fest Showcase

Best Animation - Childrens' Jury Award - Encounters Short FIlm Festival

Best In Show - ArtFutura (Spain)

Best Film (Professional) - Silver Salt Animation Festival

Best Director - Silver Salt Animation Festival

Best Short - Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival - Mopti Award

Athens Film Festival - Third Place - Best Animation

DC Shorts - Audience Choice Award

Garden State Film Festival - Best Short Animation (CGI)

Rhode Island International Film Festival - Best of the Fest Showcase

Kids' Choice - In The Bin Short Film Festival

It's Art Magazine - Hall Of Fame Award

SIGGRAPH 2009 - Electronic Theater

Huatulco Film & Food Festival - Best Short Film

DC Shorts - Best of the Fest Showcase

3D World Magazine - Competition Winner (Issue 98)

Texas Film Production Fund recipient (2007 TFPF Grant)

Film Festivals & Screenings

London International Animation Festival (Aug 27 - Sept 5, London, UK)

Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation (Touring)

Okanagan Film Festival (Kelowna BC, Canada)

Animatron/Babelgum Animation Film Festival (Online/Hamptons, NY)

Mumia Underground World Animation Festival (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)

KROK International Animation Festival (Touring through Russia and Ukraine)

Sardinia Film Festival (Sardinia, Italy)

Nashville Film Festival (Nashville, TN)

Atlanta Film Festival (Atlanta, GA)

Anibar Animation Festival (Kosovo, Albania)

Brussels Short Film Festival (Brussels, Belgium)

Caixina dos Mistos (Travelling throughout Spain)

5 The Film Festival (Lake Park, FL)

Maryland Film Festival (Baltimore, MD)

Fant Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain)

Athens Video Art Festival (Athens, Greece)

Australian International Animation Festival (Wagga Wagga, Australia)

Anifest (Templice, Czech Republic)

Seattle International Film Festival (Seattle, WA)

The Guardian Hay Festival (Somerset, UK)

Webcuts (Berlin, Germany)

EuroAsia Short Film Festival (Washington DC, USA)

Nantucket Film Festival (Nantucket, MA)

L'Aquila International Film Festival (L'Aquila, Italy)

BEFilm Underground Film Festival (New York, NY)

Arcipelago International Festival of Short Films (Nantucket, MA)

Melbourne International Animation Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

EarthDance Film Festival (Oakland, CA)

Tofifest Film Festival (ToruĊ„, Poland)

Bristol Harbour Festival (Bristol, UK)

Salento Finibus Terrae Film Festival (Apulia, Italy)

Sala Montjuic (Barcelona, Spain)

Curtas Vila Do Conde (Vila du Conde, Portugal)

Umbria Film Festival (Montone, Italy)

Jerusalem Film Festival (Jerusalem, Israel)

Anima Mundi (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil)

Artscape (Baltimore, MD)

Shorts At Moonlight (Frankurt, Germany)

Indianapolis International Film Festival (Indianapolis, IN)

Cortoons (Rome, Italy)

Festival Illumines (Douai, France)

CMS Children's IFF (Lucknow, India)

San Francisco IFF (San Francisco, CA)

Hill Country Film Festival (Fredericksburg, TX)

AnimaBasauri - AnimaBasque (Bilbao-Bizkaia, Spain)

Short Film Festival La Fila (Valladolid, Spain)

RiverRun IFF (Winston-Salem, NC)

Washington DC IFF (Washington DC, USA)

Athens International Film & Video Festival (Athens, OH)

Newport Beach Film Festival (Newport Beach, CA)

Aspen Shorts Fest (Aspen, CO)

Tallahassee Film Festival (Tallahassee, FL)

Boston IFF (Boston, MA)

Florida Film Festival (Orlando, FL)

FICCI Frames (Mumbai, India)

Animfest (Athens, Greece)

Monstra Animation Festival (Lisbon, Portugal)

San Luis Obispo IFF (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Cleveland International Film Festival (Cleveland, OH)

Garden State Film Festival (Asbury Park, NJ)

Stains Festival du Court Metrage pour Jeune Public (Stains, France)

California Independent Film Festival (Orinda, CA)

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Byron Bay International Film Festival (Byron Bay, Australia)

Carolina Film Festival (Greensboro, NC)

Future Film Festival (Bologna, Italy)

Offord Film Festival (Offord D'Arcy, Cambridgeshire UK)

Silver Salt Animation Festival (Travelling throughout India)

Nevermore Film Festival (Durham, NC)

Citrus Cell Animation Festival (Jacksonville, FL)

Fargo Film Festival (Fargo, ND)

Oxford Film Festival (Oxford, MS)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 (Yokohama, Japan)

Berlin Interfilm Short Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)

Encounters Short Film Festival (Bristol, UK)

VIEW Conference (Turin, Italy)

Cinanima (Espinho, Portugal)

St. Louis International Film Festival (St. Louis, MO)

Savannah Film Festival (Savannah, GA)

Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (Birmingham, AL)

Fantastic Fest (Austin, TX)

Other Venice Film Festival (Venice Beach, CA)

Tucson Film and Music Festival (Tucson, AZ)

Huatulco Film and Food Festival (Huatulco, Mexico)

Sapporo Short Fest (Sapporo, Japan)

Austin Film Festival (Austin, TX)

SIGGRAPH 2009 (New Orleans, LA)

Rhode Island International Film Festival (Providence, RI)

SICAF 2009 (Seoul, South Korea)

In The Bin Short Film Festival (Currumbin, Australia)

Super Shorts (London, UK)

LA Shorts (Los Angeles, CA)

Montreal World Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)

Palm Springs Shorts Fest (Palm Springs, CA)

Prix Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria)

DC Shorts (Washington DC, USA)

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


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